The last CSP FOCUS CHINA 2016 was a big succeess and CSPvalue was there.

Our company showed its CSP business experience in Europe and took part in meetings and appointments.

With a huge panel of hot issues discussions and one of the best showrooms of business opportunities, more than 300 industry players discovered how the Asian Giant is now one of the best market place for the CSP business.

China leads the global economy and cannot be less in the energy business. Great productive countries need great energy solutions and the clean energy is the future for the planet so that China is working on that goal at present.

The Asian country is entering in the CSP business with a visionary government who have decided to built up to 20 GW of CSP power plants along the next years and become world leader in the CSP industry.

CSPvalue CEO was in the CSP FOCUS CHINA 2016 so we have asked him to share some ideas and resolutions with us.

From the assistant entrepreneur’s point of view, what would you highlight on the Conference? Was it interesting? Would you recommend the attendance for the next appointments? Why?

Dr. Ing. Rainer Kistner: It was definitely interesting to participate in the Conference and in the associated Fair with a booth because China is just to enter into a CSP era. The Chinese government decided to become the world leader in the CSP industry and to build up to 20 GW of CSP power plants in the upcoming years. In order to qualify the Chinese industry player for this ambitious goal, the government decided to install 1 GW of CSP pilot projects until 2017. China has all ingredients to become the most important CSP market in the future and will become an important market for CSPvalue in the near term future.

Which one (ones) was (were) the speech (speeches) or the intervention (interventions) that you would highlight among the rest that took place there and why?

Dr. Ing. Rainer Kistner: For me the most interesting intervention – beside the personal contact and conversation at the CSPvalue booth – has been the Panel Discussion on “How to develop the 1 GW Pilot Projects with Internation Coorporation”. The interaction of the audience in the Panel Discussion makes the results more interesting.

From the point of view of business how would you summarize the participation of CSPvalue and the opportunities obtained? Do you think it has been interesting for the company?

Dr. Ing. Rainer Kistner: The booth of CSPvalue was very good visited and many Chinese and international companies showed their interest on the services and experience of CSPvalue in Europe. Chinese CSP developers have a lack of experiences CSP engineering and international financial advisores and I am optimistic that many opportunities for CSPvalue and Chinese developers will arise.

Under your expert perspective which one is the line of the CSP business that currently has more projection or success opportunities for the business collaboration between European and Chinese companies?

Dr. Ing. Rainer Kistner: I believe that it will be complicated for European EPC contractors to win contracts against their (upcoming) Chinese competitors. However, the Chinese developers have a need of European engineering companies and financial advisors – like CSPvalue – in order to support Chinese Design Institutes during the execution of basic and detailed engineering services, or to support the future Owners and Lenders of CSP plants in China as Owners or Lenders Engineers or as Financial Advisors.


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